Removing an old consumer unit revealed this nest of joints

I decided to showcase some of the less than ideal standards of electrical installation that we come across far too regularly I would like to say all these are represenative of work carried out by DIY BOB but a lot were done by contractors who charged for the work!!

When your earth is too short, thats NOT the way to do it

​Hmm what this doing in here then?

​Top class work how many departures can you spot in this little collection?

Now this is unreal installed by an NICEIC contractor (250 Ohms), not commented on by an ECA contractor (420 Ohms) but best of all the elderly lady was advised to water the stake regularly as it was not very good. I am assuming that watering an earth stake will make it grow bigger and eventually be acceptable!!!!

Now here is a real gem whilst tracing a fault found this buried behind plasterboard - not sure if this counts as maintenance free!!

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​What do we have here?

Six cables all nicely terminated above a low volatge downlighter - I don't think this complies with BS7671

Silly me, of course why not use the old ceiling rose taped up with some old flex (colours reversed) to connect a new light fitting!!

Oops thats why the insulation resistance test was reading low

I know what you are thinking, DIY Bob strikes again wiring up a garage! Wrong this is work on a brand new house just completed and signed off with a 10 year guarantee. NICEIC label on main board but no name. Think an 18th course is in order. Also the earth wires in ALL the pendents were not terminated just sleeved and folded back!

​After removing the insulating tape we found a novel way of jointing cables

​Interesting I wonder what they put on the certificate for the supply for this stair lift!!